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Hi there… My name is Connie…

Call me the Concierge of Homes, maybe!?    If you…are looking for a home – in the Portland Metro area…I know…it can be a little daunting!  I completely understand.  I was possibly where you may be, 12 years ago when I relocated to Portland from California.

I know that I wanted to live in the proximity to Portland for the job opportunities and downtown benefits, but I have to admit.  I was looking for a little something different than where I had just come from…Los Angeles!

When buying….Portland has so many different “personality” neighborhoods!   Fancy, rural, city, hillside, agricultural, downtown condos…Diversity!!   Loved learning about the Pacific Northwest and enjoying it’s bounty.   It’s amazing…I’d love to show you what I mean by this….

Clackamas County seemed to me, to have a lot of diversification and also great homes!  So I’ve kind of settled there myself…but…

I am familiar and knowledgeable about many of the areas in the Portland Metro area and would love to be the “Concierge of Homes” of your visit and would love to help you make the right choice of neighborhoods or location for you and your family!   If you’d like, we can spend the day driving around and I’ll familiarize you with a personalized tour of Portland and the surrounding areas!

If you know the area and know what you want already…I’m happy to show you the homes you’ve chosen and help you find ones that maybe aren’t on the websites!   I’m flexible and available – pretty reliable.

When Selling….

Your home marketing is what it most important to me when it comes to my job of listing and selling your home.   I love the challenge of finding different ways to get your home in front of folks…and other agents and have the experience to market and network to get attention to your property!   I use the latest of technology and invest in the Internet and many marketing tools available to us as Realtors.

If you are looking for an agent who works hard and who thinks out of the box when it comes to marketing and sales…you’ve found a great partner….I’m Connie Knittel.

I have over 25 years of experience in the title, escrow and real estate marketing business.   I left a great career in California, after owning a title company and seeing and experiencing the many ups and downs of CA real estate.

I’m involved in many organizations and am known as a real “go-getter” in the industry.   I’d love to help you… What can I do for you?

Call me today for a Free consultation. No obligation. 503.407.8020